About Us

History of Bighorn Outdoors:
It's hard to say exactly when Bighorn Outdoors, became a useful hunting service. We've been helping fellow sportsmen obtain information on public land for years. In October of 1999, we purchased our first computer with the idea of creating a website for hunter's to exchange public land hunting information. Easier said than done! After extensive research, conducting several hunter-survey's and lot's of sleepless night's, we determined the best way to help other hunters, was to somehow teach them to set up their own public land hunts. Making hunting video's has always been our dream, and the best way to teach someone, is to show them how! We introduced Vol.1 "Hunting Wyoming self-guided" to the public February 16th at the 2001 NWTF Convention in Ohio. Positive comment's from it's viewer's began pouring in assuring us we were on the right track. There emails encouraged Team Bighorn to take our videos to the next level. "NATIONAL TELEVISION" The Sportsman Channel couldn't have been created at a better time. They got up and running in July 2003, and we began airing our adventures right away. We now also air our Adventures on The Men's Channel on Dish Network with a total viewership of 24 million. 

How We Can Help: 
We help average hunter's acquire & understand state game & fish publication's. Item's like Drawing odd sheet's or Demand Index's, Harvest Survey Report's, what Preference Point's are and how to apply for hunt area's, offering large quantity's of Public Land with the best public access. We collect all hunting information available, while filming our self-guided adventure's. From home, we research hunt area's offering the most Public Land & contact state game and fish Biologist & local area Game Warden's for their input on those area's. Were passing on this information to other self-guided hunter's through our website, over the phone & most of all through Bighorn Outdoors TV Show on The Men's Channel on Dish Network. Email us for help planning your next public land hunting adventure.... 

What We Offer:
Is an affordable & challenging way for fellow sportsmen and sportswomen to go on that hunt of a lifetime year after year. The Public Land hunting information we offer is free to all sportsmen interested in a Self-guided hunt. Any outdoorsman that watches Bighorn Outdoors TV Show is sure to pick up tips that will help them plan their own self guided adventure. We also offer affordable advertising options for people and their companies, who want to get the word out on their products or services.